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Present in every city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Sistema Fecomércio-RS (Federation of Trades in Goods, Services and Tourism) employs its political and institutional influence in favor of the state community. It defends the interests of business owners in the goods, services and tourism trades, leveraging entrepreneurism and the development of 570,000 establishments, responsible for some 1.6 million direct jobs in the state.

Sistema Fecomércio-RS works in conjunction with 112 employers’ unions to back and intensify its actions. It also formally oversees Sesc/RS (Industry Social Services/Rio Grande do Sul) and Senac/RS, with over a hundred Operational Units throughout the state. It develops actions within the areas of social well-being and professional education, aimed at thousands of state locals.


SENAC – National Service of Commercial Apprenticeship - Rio Grande do Sul, is one of the operational branches of Sistema Fecomércio-RS, a not-for-profit organization focused on professional education. With actions stretching back over 70 years, it has built an impressive history and educated over 7 million state locals, or Gauchos.

Senac-RS offers Undergraduate, Graduate, Extension, Technical, Free and also Distance Education, as well as the Senac Gratuity Program and Corporate Solutions. The institution has two Faculties (Porto Alegre and Pelotas), as well as 41 professional education schools and 23 Sesc/Senac Units.

In all, there are over 60 points encompassing the 497 municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul, with over 2000 employees providing service to 200,000 people per year. The institution goes far beyond knowledge and effectively changes the lives of students.


Senac-RS is a benchmark in Higher Education with a focus on preparing students for the job market. There are two faculties in Rio Grande do Sul, one in Porto Alegre and the other in Pelotas. They provide innovative environments and a pedagogical project grounded on ethics, respect, appreciation of human beings and social and environmental responsibility.

Education programs are provided in two modalities: Distance Education and on-site.

Higher Education Programs (On-site)

- Systems Analysis and Development
- Bachelor’s Degree in Administration
- Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Sciences
- Foreign Trade
- Fashion Design
- Commercial Management
- Human Resources Manager
- Financial Management
- Hospitality
- Logistics
- Marketing
- Managerial Processes
- Multimedia Production
- Computer Networks
- Internet Systems


Evolving is fundamental. And, within a job market that is increasingly competitive, university education and professional formation are essential tools in guaranteeing employability and climbing the career ladder. Regardless of the professional objective, the lato sensu Graduate programs at Senac-RS are perfectly suited to your profile. And, at the end, you earn the title of Specialist, a significant competitive edge in career terms.

Education programs are provided in two modalities: Distance Education and on-site.

Programs (On-site)

- Communication and Strategic Marketing
- Economic and Financial Controllership, Expert Opinion and Auditing
- Mobile Device Application Development
- Project Management
- Business Management
- Information Safety Management
- Leadership, Coaching and People Management
- Fashion, Media and Market
- Design and Management of Computer Networks


Academic extension at Senac-RS is a cultural and scientific process in which students perform actions within the community. Its essence lies in the conviction that the knowledge generated through research institutions must be fundamentally aimed at transforming social reality, acting on deficiencies and not merely limited to student education. In accord with this line of thought, Senac-RS Faculties have increased the offer of extension courses, guaranteeing opportunities to update, modernize and develop the community as a whole, while also qualifying the performance and engagement of professionals/students, both in terms of career and exercising active citizenship.

Education programs are provided in two modalities: Distance Education and on-site.


The has been an increasing demand for technical courses in Brazil in recent years. This is because companies are changing the profile of professionals they are after and, thus, creating more opportunity for those equipped with the necessary qualifications. Being shorter and greatly valued within the job market, technical courses are highly attractive to youths recently leaving high school and deciding on a profession or beginning their first job. There are a range of course options in several fields.

Education programs are provided in two modalities: Distance Education and on-site.

Why take a technical course at Senac?

- Direct integration with the world of work;
- Nationwide certification;
- Learning with a focus on practice: classes that provide students with insight on the real job market;
- Qualified teachers, with market experience;
- Technical qualifications that provide access to the job market even before completing the course;
- Possibility of attending High School and the technical course at the same time;
- Course prepared with the participation of business professionals and specialist from the field.


Specially developed to combine education, work, science and technology, these course cater to the needs of students with different levels of education. They are short, dynamic, offer variable durations and equal measures of theory and practice.

The primordial objective is to combine information and expertise (specific qualification) for the goods, services and tourism trades. As such, they present a diverse program, which encompasses seminars, talks, video conferences, symposiums and an array of complementary events.

Education programs are provided in two modalities: Distance Education and on-site.

Field of activity

- Environment
- Art
- Beauty
- Trade
- Communication
- Design
- Education
- Gastronomy
- Management
- Languages
- IT
- Fashion
- Health
- Safety
- Traffic
- Tourism
- Building Management


Digital communication is accelerating interaction among people, and education cannot afford to lag behind. The best way to employ new tools, while also ensuring quality capacity building, is by investing in the Distance Education platform. And Senac-RS is in the lead. It offers Free, Technical, Higher Education, Extension and Graduate programs in a range of areas. Senac-RS Distance Education has earned credibility within the work market, facilitating access to study anywhere, with widely flexible times.

Benefits of Distance Education:

- Autonomy and flexibility;
- Standardized approach;
- Efficient content updates;
- Permanent and tailored education;
- Quality educational material, abreast with the latest technologies;
- Cost optimization;
- The same excellence in education and certification as on-site programs.


Encourage professional capacity building for the development of people. Senac-RS has assumed this commitment, in a partnership with Sistema Fecomércio-RS, to promote social inclusion through the SGP - Senac Gratuity Program.

There is a wide range of free courses, aimed at learning, capacity building and professional technical education at a secondary level.

The Young Apprentice Program, part of the Senac Gratuity Program, offers learning programs legislated by Law 10,097/2000 and regulated by Decree n° 5598, dated December 1, 2005. Companies must indicates youths aged between 14 and 24 years old, regularly enrolled in primary education (as from the 6th grade), secondary education or select students from among those registered with Senac.


Senac Corporate Solutions is an exclusive service channel for the development of tailored solutions that meet the needs of organizations, including consultancy, counseling and capacity building, through on-site or distance modalities, at all levels of professional education.


Tailored education programs for your business or institution based on a diagnosis of the situation. This allows for specific capacity building for teams and mangers, provided in a series of formats:

- Free Courses
- Technical Course
- Undergraduate
- Graduate
- Extension
- Talks
- Seminars
- Workshops


Engaged in a number of industries:

- Trade
- Gastronomy
- Management
- Fashion
- Social Responsibility
- Health
- Information Technology
- Educational Technology
- Tourism

Contact us: +55 51 4002.6030
Service from Monday to Friday,
from 8:30 AM to 6 PM (Brasília time)

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